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Sea Lion Taco Boat
Best Fish Tacos on the West Coast

Experience Maritime History!

When was the last time you bought seafood fresh off the boat? That was a common occurrence on the Seattle Waterfront many years ago. Independent fishermen caught fish, crab and shrimp on small boats out on Puget Sound and sold them at the public docks until government regulations finally put an end to the practice.

Our mission is to share information about healthy food and historic maritime culture. As part of the FarmBoat Floating Market program, the Taco Boat is a working maritime heritage exhibit. The boat is an authentic vintage coastal fishing boat that sells fish to patrons at the dock just like it was done a century ago. (Except that instead of handing out whole fish, we cook them in a delicious taco ready to eat).

The FarmBoat Floating Market program is developed by Cedar Wave, a maritime heritage preservation group dedicated to preserving historic vessels by putting them to work in ways that sustain their existence for future generations. Your patronage helps keep maritime history alive!

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